Development bordering Grove Hall Park – revised proposal deadline 13 July

Revised plans for the proposed residential development bordering Grove Hall Park are now available for comment. We have until 13 July to submit our comments … and very few concessions have been made versus what was submitted in January.

The revised documents for the development at 219-221 Bow Road and 27-31 Payne Road (PA/14/03660) can be viewed on Tower Hamlets website Planning Application PA/14/03360

In summary, not much has changed. The biggest difference is that the developers have proposed reducing the block bordering Grove Hall Park and the Memorial Gardens down by one floor to four (with a fifth/sixth floor stepped back on the eastern boundary).  Also, the number of apartments proposed has been reduced from 96 to 89. However, this doesn’t include the first part of the development of 36 dwellings approved for 213-217 Bow Road.

Our main objection still stands – that this will not preserve or enhance the character of the Fairfield Conservation Area –  but we need your support again. You can view the revised submission to the council here: Fairfield Road Conservation Area revised plan submission

You can:
1. Contact the Resident’s Association on the form below and we will come and get your signature
2. Print out the  FCARA petition signup sheet, sign it (and get your friends and neighbours to too) and drop it at #62 Wrexham Rd

We’ll also be knocking on doors in the next few days to collect signatures, especially from those who supported the previous submission. Please give us your support again if you can.

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