Ham & Wick Sewer Works Update: Surprise! More Delays…

Christmas is coming… and so is the end of the Crossrail works at the end of Wick Lane/Wrexham Rd.

Work to close the sewer shafts, which has been postponed several times, is apparently due to start on Monday, 15 June. Once the sewer works are complete, contractors Dragados-Sisk Joint Venture will restore the area to its original condition as a private carpark. Work is now scheduled to complete by the end of November.

Work will take place between 8am and 6pm  Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. At some point, when the level/flow is low enough (which will depend on dry weather) there will be three weeks of 24-hour working within the sewer. We will get advance warning, but probably at short notice, so watch for flyers.

Because all of this depends on the weather, there’s a good chance it’ll get delayed again. Roll on Christmas!

If you have any queries or concerns (or complaints) you can contact the Crossrail 24-hour public helpline on 0345-602-3813 or email Crossrail Helpdesk email

2 thoughts on “Ham & Wick Sewer Works Update: Surprise! More Delays…”

  1. Thank you for the update, and this site! We’re new to the neighbourhood, having moved here in January.
    Has anyone else noticed that the awful smell from the construction site has been getting worse? It’s been going on for months, off and on but recently it’s almost permanent and we have to avoid going in the garden and opening windows.
    We called the Crossrail helpdesk today and they said it would be only three or so more weeks of it – they had better be right. Our complexion has been decidedly greener than usual.

    1. Yes, the sewer smell does seem worse than usual because we’ve had very little rain. Good because the work to close the sewer depends on the level being low. Bad, because less rain makes the smell even worse. Let’s hope the prevailing wind in the next few weeks is easterly!

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