Help Plan Our Neighbourhood’s Future – Bow Church, Saturday 3 February

Join members of the Roman Road Trust at Bow Church on Saturday 3 February, between 1.30-3.30pm, to talk about the future of Bow.

We’ll be taking a walk around the local area  to look at what needs to be improved and preserved.  There will be tea and biscuits at the church and children’s activities too. This is a chance to find out more about how our community can legally have a say in the planning of our neighbourhood.

So, what things could be included in a Neighbourhood Plan for Roman Road and Bow?

  • Improvements to the public realm (pavements, squares, pocket parks, underused spaces)
  • Traffic and congestion (cycling routes, buses, one-way systems, safer crossings/pedestrian access)
  • A community building (a multi-use space run by the community for the community)
  • Support for the high street (fewer betting shops, protecting key services, look and feel, licensing, evening economy, WIFI)
  • Preservation and celebration of our heritage (East End, grime scene, Suffragettes, industry, protecting traditional housing stock)
  • Security (lighting, policing)
  • Art and culture (community events, street art, art installations)
  • Eco inititiaves (green roofs, vegetable planters, pocket parks)

You can find out more about the Roman Road Trust and the Neighbourhood Plan at this link.

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