In Favour Of Extended Parking Restrictions? Let The Council Know!

Do you think it’s become harder to find a parking spot in our neighbourhood outside the restricted hours?

If you do, please join us in urging the council to pilot extended parking restrictions: in particular extending the hours that parking is restricted, and introducing restrictions on Saturday.

At the moment anyone can park in the B2 zone outside the Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm parking restrictions. However many residents are finding it hard to get a park in the area outside these hours (including weekends) and are concerned that this will just get worse for a number of reasons including:

  •   West Ham football club moving to the Olympic stadium in August (fans will want to park nearby),
  • More commercial and private vehicles parking in the area outside control hours, making it harder to find a park late at night,
  • New parking controls on Fish Island (there were none previously),
  • Vistors to the the new Bow Road housing developments which back on to Grove Hall Park (this development is car-free but visitors can park in the area during the weekend),
  • New primary school planned for Paton Close

If parking is an issue for you, then please make sure the council knows about it. The more people who write in expressing support for a pilot of extended parking restrictions or raising issues with parking in the area, the more likely something will be done.

What you can do:
1. Email the council when you can’t get a park – and send photos or other supporting evidence if you can. This is especially important if traffic would block the entry of emergency vehicles. The council parking contact is Lisa
2. Email ward councilors with your concerns or to let them know you are in favour of extended parking restrictions. Our Bow East ward representatives are Rachel Blake, Marc Francis and Amina Ali
3. Come to the next residents’ association meeting (watch this site for the next meeting date) and make your views known.  FCARA has already written to Lisa Stannard reiterating its support for a pilot of extended hours but if you disagree or have other suggestions, please come along and tell us or contact the secretary using the form below:

Get involved

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