Road Closure Alert – Ridgdale Street Sunday 5 June

Ridgdale Street will be closed to all traffic*

9AM TO 5.30PM

for the Ridgdale Street
Jubilee Street Party

We would like the road to be clear of all cars so we can all bring our tables and chairs out into the street for the party.

If you are looking for somewhere else  to park there are usually spaces available in Baldock St and Wrexham Road and behind Bow Quarter. You might want to move your vehicles on Saturday before 5.30pm, when parking restrictions are still in place.

Make sure you don’t have a grocery delivery or anything important coming on that Sunday between 9am-5.30pm!

If there is an emergency we will need to provide access – in the highly unlikely event that happens we’ll  need everyone to clear their stuff onto the pavement so fire/police/ambulance can get by.

We will also need people to help out between 9-11am on the day of the street party to make sure cars don’t come down the street and to provide access for any vehicles that need to get out. If you can help please email

*Tower Hamlets Council Road Closure Application Ref: RC-414652487

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