Cycle Superhighway: Have Your Say

Transport for London (TFL) is proposing major changes to the cycle superhighway CS2 between Aldgate and Bow Roundabout.
These plans include a lot of changes, including cycle paths separated from traffic in the same way they are between Bow roundabout and Stratford.
TFL says it aims to make journeys safer for the growing number of cyclists but it will also mean lots of changes for other road users:

  • some bus stops which are close together would be combined
  • the width of footpaths will be narrowed in some areas to make way for the cycle path
  • about 10% of parking and loading bays would be removed and some of those which remain would operate for less of the day
  • about 0.12km of traffic lane on the 4km route will be removed
  • some trees – one large and several small – will have to be removed, but will be replaced where possible
  • four of 63 turns at the 11 signalled junctions will be banned
  • longer waits at some signalled pedestrian crossings and longer journey times for motorists at busy times

Consultation on the plans runs until Sunday, 2 November.
The residents’ association isn’t making a submission on behalf of the community because we appreciate that everyone has differing opinions on the plans, depending in large part whether you’re a driver, bus user, cyclist or pedestrian.
You can view the plans and have your say at
Paper copies of the plans and response forms are available by writing to: Freepost TFL Consultations or calling 0343 222 1234

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  1. Thanks for this post Tania. Whilst I support the principle behind tHe scheme (in the main), some of the proposals are just daft.

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