Crossrail Update: Cracks and Stink

Residents who have spotted cracks or movements in their properties which they believe may be caused by Crossrail tunnelling works should contact Crossrail as soon as they spot them, says Crossrail contractor Dragados Sisk representative Michelle Williams.

At the FCARA meeting on 24 July, where Michelle gave an update on progress and answered residents’ questions, she said the tunnel drilling was now complete. If any residents have spotted cracks appearing in their properties they should contact Crossrail straight away at [email protected]

And bad news for residents “enjoying” the stench coming from the Hackney & Wick sewer works at the end of Wrexham Road/Wick Lane: they will have to put up with it for a few months longer.

Michelle said the sewer would remain open for monitoring probably until November this year when it would be capped and the car park would be reinstated.  The pathway from Wick Lane-Bow Quarter through to Wrexham Road will also reopen when the works are completed. She said unfortunately there wasn’t anything that could be done about the strong sewerage/drain smell, which has got worse as the weather has become warmer and drier.


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