Fight The Last Plan Standing – Asphalt Plant Application Still Up For Review

Plans to build an asphalt plant on the edge of the Olympic Park  are still up for consideration by the London Legacy Development Corporation’s (LLDC) planning committee.
According to Olympic Park Coalition for Responsible Development spokesperson Hanan Maayan, the asphalt production plant, one of the four initial applications, has “survived” and is still standing for review despite the three concrete factory applications being withdrawn as a result of community opposition.
The planning application is for the building and operation of a rail-served asphalt plant “with associated storage bays, weighbridges, weightbridge building/control cabin, mess facilities, car and HGV parking and other ancillary structures” on land at Bow East Goods Yard, Pudding Mill Lane (Newham).
“We need to prevent them from re-submitting the applications one by one, and fight this strategy of ‘dividing’ the problem into smaller, harder to fight (publicly) chunks,” Hanan said.
Hanan said the best way to help/show your opposition is to send an objection letter to [email protected]. The OPCRD has a template you can use, which you can access via their petition page on or by emailing [email protected]


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