Have your say on walking & cycling plans in Bow by 29 July

Tower Hamlets council wants our views on ways to make our neighbourhood a better place to get around on foot or by bicycle.

You can fill out a survey on their website, which also includes details of some of the proposals. You must fill out the survey by midnight on 29 July.

This is a great opportunity to shape the future of our neighbourhood – especially considering how important access to our local parks and shops by foot and bike has become for many in the past few months.

There are six different plans with a range of proposals including:

  • Slowing traffic on Fairfield Rd, including adding zebra crossings and refuge islands, and changing the roundabout at Fairfield/Tredegar intersection to a T-junction

  • Making the eastern part of Roman Rd pedestrian-only between 10am-4pm every day and widening pavements and adding trees and seating
  • Improving the Roman Rd/St Stephen’s Rd junction, including adding a bus and bike-only gate on Roman Road between Ford Road and St Stephen’s Road and widening pavements, especially around bus stops
  • A range of proposals to close Coborn Rd (permanent, daytime or just peak hours) and other measures around Coborn and Antill Roads
  • Reducing traffic on Old Ford Rd so it’s more pedestrian friendly
  • Road closures before and after school outside several Bow primaries including Olga, Chisenhale, Old Ford and Malmesbury
  • Plans to make several popular street routes safer for pedestrians

Get involved

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